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(Fuel Injection) Management System Simulator

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25 / 06 / 2023
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Detail (Fuel Injection) Management System Simulator

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Deskripsi produk :
Untuk mempelajari system manajemen injeksi bahan bakar
- Mobile stand on fourwheels
- Gasoline injector engine management system (MPI) with multipoint petrol injection installed in upper part of stand
- Stand allow to monitoring the following - Fuel supply system - Amount of injected fuel - Fuel pressure of the fuel pump
- Construction of the fuel pump and fuel distribution system allow visually see the distribution of the fuel flow
- The ignition system and spark plugs installed in a way that allows visual monitoring of their activities
- Air flow in the intake manifold are adjustable, allowing functional demonstration of air mass flow and air temperature sensors
- Adjustable crankshaft rotation speed
- Ability altering the air/fuel mixture by the O2 sensor signal simulator
- Engine management system have a built-in voltmeter
- The stand has a closed structure, internal wiring is not visible
- Training bench equipped with a network power supply (220 /12V) and a battery (12V)
- Training stand include - Automobile oscilloscope - EOBD diagnostics equipment Instruction Manual
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