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Electrical Wiring Diagram Simulator For Car

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24 / 06 / 2023
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Detail Electrical Wiring Diagram Simulator For Car

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Deskripsi produk :
1. Overall dimension : 1600 x 1280 x 600 (mm)
2. Main board dimension 1200 x 800 x 600 (mm)
3. Integrated on board modules embedded with interface connection board
4. Connection system : Bluetooth and USB
5. Can be connected with printer
6. Expandable to unlimited stations, using single PC as a server
7. Operating system : windows 10
8. Upgradable modules & software
9. EWDS software (CD installer) included real time mode as electrical practical method
10. True/false LED panel light
11. True, false & ending session sound
12. 256 test point connection
13. 96 paralel point connection
14. Aluminium T slot 30 x 60 (mm) as frame
15. 150 pcs jumper cable ( variation of length )
16. Power input AC 220V/0,2A
17. Cable and module storage case
18. Manual book 2 teaching and testing modules :
1) Body electrical for car modules consist of : Hazard emergency light) circuit,Turn light circuit, Head light circuit, Horn circuit, Brake light circuit, Parking light circuit, combination switch, relay, fuse.
2) Car EFI modules consist of : Ignition circuit, injector circuit, fuel pump circuit, throttle body sensor circuit, MAP sensor circuit, OX sensor circuit, Power supply EFI circuit, MIL circuit, THW circuit, THA circuit, CKP circuit, Cam sensor circuit, Knock sensor circuit, IACV circuit, Variable valve solenoid circuit, DLC connector circuit.
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