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(Automobile Data Transmission System) CAN Bus Training Stand

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26 / 06 / 2023
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Detail (Automobile Data Transmission System) CAN Bus Training Stand

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Deskripsi produk :
Sistem Untuk Transmisi Data Mobil CAN Bus Training Stand
Mobile stand on four wheels
Training stand equipped
Central control unit
Functioning engine control unit
Control instrument panel
Electronic steering column locking system
Ignition lock, key and immobilizer
Car airbag systems control unit (SRS)
Automobile door central locking control unit
The car door glass lifting mechanism with controls
Training stand ensured the possibility to run diagnostics for all devices installed in the control unit CAN network with automatic help search, including the following diagnostic operations
- Control unit identification reading
- Ensured the ability of detected systemic error reading / deletion
- Ensured the possibility of system parameters control
Ensured the possibility of the control unit coding / configuration, and the engine actuators activation
The stand has a closed structureno visible system installation elements and sealed electrical circuits, wiring
In training stand included :
- Automobile oscilloscope
- Diagnostics equipment
- Network power supply (220 / 12V) and a battery (12V)
- CAN maintenance analyzer
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