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(Air Bag) System Simulator With Auto Fault

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26 / 06 / 2023
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Detail (Air Bag) System Simulator With Auto Fault

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Deskripsi produk :
Automobile Data Transmission System CAN Bus Training Stand
- Able to understand composition of air bag system of automobile and fundamental principles.
- Understanding the linkage among Safety belts, airbags, PPD (Passenger Presence Detector) and acknowledging operation condition.
- Measuring change in waveform in accordance to resistance by adjusting the resistance from the seatbelt and air bag.
- Able to measure by a multimeter, oscilloscope, diagnosis etc.
- Composition : Driver/passenger seat airbags, airbag modules, seat belts, PPD sensor, air regulators, 2 air tanks (approx. 10L), etc
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