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(Advanced) Automotive Electric Circuit Training System

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26 / 06 / 2023
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Detail (Advanced) Automotive Electric Circuit Training System

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Advanced Automotive Electric Circuit Training System Composition
1) Light circuit practice module
- Made by LED light system (Head light, Turn signal, Taillight)
- Experiment panel should be carved in AL coating panel and printed
- Consist of a headlight, a multi-function switches, relays,connection terminals and so on.
2) Side Mirror folding practice module
- Arrangement of parts of Side Mirror folding
- Consist of a folding set, a connect terminal, side mirror folding switch
3) Door/ Window circuit practice module
- Arrangement of parts of Door/Window and checking theory and operation by composing actual window circuit
- Consist of door actuator, window motor connect terminal, side mirror door switch
4) Horn circuit practice module
- Test of horn system circuit
- Theory education, circuit completion and test of horn system
5) Ignition practice module
- Test of Ignition practice module
- Consist of ignition plug, Gap measuring device, air intake,Vmeasuring Device
6) Injection practice module
- Test of Injection practice
- Consist of 4 injector, delivery pipe, injector Voltage Measuring Device
7) Multi function input switch module
- Test of Multi channel input switch
- Consist of multi function switch, key switch, emergency switch, connector terminal.
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